LACE clothing by New Zealand designer! We only create limited or one-off pieces so you stand out. No factory/mass produced items, we individually create unique garments with high quality fabrics and attention to detail. Celebrate your feminine beauty!

Lace Designer Clothing, has been in business now for 36 years and is proud of its many unique clothing designs.
Donelle Scott, an award winning designer, started the business herself, showcasing a fusion of old world charm, with
emerging European fashion. Each garment is hand crafted in New Zealand and is often a one off design, a true treasure
for the eventual owner.

The hallmark of the unique designs and originality is ever evolving, so our category "new season" is always worth re-
visiting to find out what's new. So when you are next in Rothesay Bay, drop in and soak up the atmosphere of fashion
and luxury at our boutique in Beach Road.

We also now have washable face masks now available